Dr. Dubravko Ćulibrk


Research interests, projects and publications

Borrowing wording from my dear colleague and friend Dr. Oge Marques, my research interests are in the area of intelligent processing of (visual) information, encompassing the fields of multimedia, image processing, computer vision, image retrieval, machine learning and knowledge discovery, human visual perception, neural networks and remote sensing.

I am particularly interested in the combination of biologically inspired approaches and machine learning techniques to solve different problems in the diverse domains of Quality of Experience driven multimedia applications, computer vison, knowledge discovery from spatial data and environment observation.

Rather than getting into a lengthy treatise of all my research activities, I reffer you to the links to some of the research projects I am currently involved in, which can be found on the Projects page.

Some demos and code hosted on my site can be found at:

GPU based implementation of my Background Modelling Neural Network algorithm.
Salient motion driven video quality assessment.