Dubravko Culibrk


Research interests, projects and publications

Current projects


I coordinate the FP7 IRSES Project QoSTREAM - Video Quality Driven Multimedia Streaming in Mobile Wireless Networks, 2012-2016.

I am also colaborating on the FP7 Project ENORASIS - Decision Support System for environmentally optimized irrigation management.


I am a Management Committee(MC) member for action TD1007 PET-MRI -"Bimodal PET-MRI molecular imaging technologies and applications for in vivo monitoring of disease and biological processes".

I am a substitute MC member for action IC0903 MOVE-"Knowledge Discovery from Moving Objects".

Past projects

AgroSense was the first FP7 project I contributed to. I suggest that you take a look at the demo applications, to get an idea what the project was about.

SoftStat(IC0702) -"Combining Soft Computing Techniques and Statistical Methods to Improve Data Analysis Solutions", was the first COST project I served as a MC member in.

I took part in the Eureka Video Content Analysis for Automated Traffic Surveillance (VICATS) project. The research was aimed at developing more sophisticated systems for automatic surveillance of traffic on bridges and in tunnels. This is done in collaboration with my colleagues at URSUS group.

I also took part in a Serbian national research project aimed at applying advanced vector optimization methods to video processing.

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Ancient history projects

I took part in the the Coastline Security project with the Center for Coastline Security Technologies (CCST) project at FAU (done for the US Department of Navy). I was dealing with moving object segmentation. This research comprises the bulk of my PhD thesis.

Part of my research during my PhD studies was conducted within the Motorola financed project "One pass to production" at FAU, where we were looking at advanced ways to do hardware-software co-design.

I was affiliated with the Center for Cryptography and Information Security (CCIS) at FAU, where I attempted to crack the NTRU cryptographic system using the FAU's Beowulf cluster and parallel programming based on the MPI library. I also helped my friend and colleague Daniel Socek redesign his APL cluster.